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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Letting Go Of Mr. Wrong: A woman's guide to realizing her self-worth

When you know your worth letting go of Mr. Wrong is easy. However, until a woman knows her worth she will put up with Mr. Wrong. Mr. Wrong usually has a lot of the qualities a woman is looking for in a man such as confidence, charm, good sex and a masculine personality. One thing about Mr. Wrong is that he never gives a woman 100% of himself, and this leaves a woman wanting more. If Mr. Wrong is giving a woman 60% she will spend months or years trying to get the other 40% from him. A woman should realize that a man that isn’t giving her 100% doesn’t plan on keeping her around or fully committing to her or the relationship. Realize that if a man isn’t giving himself to you it’s because he doesn’t want to, and you can’t make a man do something that he doesn’t want to do. In fact, the more pressure and demands you place on him the more he’ll rebel against you. Mr. Wrong doesn’t give you his all because he doesn’t want to or because you’re not what he wants. Most women are nurturers, and they think that taking care of a man emotionally, sexually, financially, and always being there for him will eventually make him act right or fall in love with them. However, Mr. Wrong never acts right for long. If he does change it will be temporary, and he’ll soon revert back to his same old tricks. Usually, Mr. Wrong acts right just to get back on a woman’s good side, but as soon as his foot is back in the door, and he’s out of the dog house he acts up again. Once a woman realizes her worth she leaves Mr. Wrong because she knows she deserves more than what he’s offering her. She refuses to settle for scraps and bones because she wants the full course meal. Her love of herself and her life is more important than holding onto a man that isn’t treating her right. This guide will go over the different types of Mr. Wrongs, and how to let go of them. In order to let go, you must realize your self-worth, and this guide will help you with that as well.
This is an all in one guide for women

1.      Help you realize your Self-worth
2.      How to let go of Mr. Wrong
3.      Types of Mr. Wrongs
4.      How to Avoid Getting Played
5.      Best Player Signs List
6.      Raise your Self-Esteem
7.      Raise your Self-Confidence
8.      Motivate you to better your life
9.      Facts about men

10.  Prepare you for Modern Day Dating

Friday, March 24, 2017

I traveled to see this woman, is she into me or not


Hi, I have a question a girl is using me or possibly talking to other guys in a LDR. This is someone whom I have known for a long time off and on-or at least I thought I knew her? I went to go and visit her and her family a while back; I really love her children and mother, but I was picking up or noticing things that did not seem quite right or the same? (RF-1) When I was making plans to come see her and then probably could not- she is a ocean away from me, she got a really big attitude over the phone and said, " If you are coming, then come. If not, just let me know. I have plans". I felt really bad and yes I wanted to see her so I made her a priority. (RF-2) When I went to see her she never wanted to hold hands with me or let me kiss her on the cheek- public or private. She said it was due to her children being around and that it was her customs. She was not like that before along time ago. She used to be very affectionate. (RF-3) She was always on her phone texting, reading and receiving messages and was giggling a few times when I was with her instead of talking to me. She tried to explain who it was a friend, but i did not really care about it. (RF-4) At one point when I went to see her in her country, I remember that it was night time and I was talking on the phone to her, she was home and said that she was very tired and said that I should go out somewhere and enjoy myself and have a good time,..by myself. (RF-5) When I seen her sister, there was this look that her sister gave me- only was a few seconds, but it was enough. Her sister would usually smile at me and say hi, but this time her eyes and facial expression was that of sadness, pity or that she kind of knew something that I did not. Can't really put my finger on it? (RF-6) When I was in the car with her and her child, the phone rang and her child said that it is dad mom. She immediately looked at me and told me not to say anything when they were talking on the phone. I thought she was divorced or should that matter? (RF-7) After I returned home what I really noticed was that, before I went to see her, we were constantly talking, video chatting, or sending texts back and fourth. Quality messages. What I started to see happen was that the time that it took for her to reply my texts messages went from hours, days, weeks. And that is if she ever reply's back at all. She told me that she had to move her and the kids to another city and now the frequency of her texts are around two to three months I think- could be longer. I figured well I will give her, her space and quit calling-she will not pick up anyway, even texting or emailing to her. But when I do that she contacts me after two months and ask what is going on? Why am i not texting her, emailing her, or using social media? she starts again with her pet names, like, baby or sweetie and she always says I love you to me. she then demands that I text or message her and when I do, no reply back? She does not text or talk to me on social media, but she is constantly online, either FB or on her phone. like every hour. Also she has her privacy settings set on all her social media so it is very hard to track or see what she is doing. But I know something is going on.


She's not into you. Most of the 'she's not into you' signs are in your post. She ignores your text for months or doesn't reply at all, she doesn't want you to kiss/touch her in a romantic way, she told you to be quiet while she talked to another man, she doesn't want to spend time with you in person. and most of all your instincts are telling you that things aren't right. When someone is into you, they don't go months without talking to you. Listen to your instincts and stop ignoring the red flags. Find someone that smiles when they get a text from you and replies back to ALL of your text. Find someone that will be happy to spend time with you and show you love and affection. Find someone that doesn't play games by telling you to be quiet while they're on the phone with someone else. You shouldn't have to hide your presence or be someone's secret. You shouldn't travel to see someone that doesn't want to spend time with you while you're there. I hope you realize this and move on to someone that will appreciate you and I hope you're not giving this woman anything else. She blows hot and cold and she keeps you around to stroke her ego or to get other things from you (use you for something). Good Luck.

Are they into you or not, find out NOW by taking my short quiz. Fellas click here and Ladies click here to take the quiz Ladies read 'Letting Go Of Mr. Wrong'
Fellas read ' How Men Can Avoid Getting Played'

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Asking These Getting To Know You Questions Can Tell You A Lot About them

When you first meet someone you like them because you only know the good things about them. They haven't shown you their bad side yet because they are trying to make a good impression. They haven't argued with you yet and they haven't been upset with you yet. Have you seen their bad side? Have you seen them when they are angry? How do they handle their anger? How do they handle their problems?  You don't know anything bad about them yet, that's why you like them. You like the person that you IMAGINE that they are. Also, it goes both ways, they don't know you yet. Therefore, their interest in you is ONLY based on what you've shown them so far and what they've IMAGINED about you.

Until you've seen all sides of them, the good and the bad, you don't know them.

Until they've seen all sides of YOU, the good and the bad, they don't know you yet.

That's why you shouldn't rush relationships!

If I only knew good things about everyone, I would like everyone too.

Think about your ex.  You liked them until you saw their bad side.

How to see their bad side?

Talk to them about important things in life and have debates with them, not arguments but debates. Ask them questions to check their morals and beliefs. Ask them questions about their political beliefs or other controversial issues. Questions like "What do you do for fun?" are okay but it doesn't tell you anything deep about that person. That question only tells you something GOOD about them. You need to dig deeper, below the surface and find out who they really are and what they believe in to see if you're compatible with them. It's important to talk about issues that you are passionate about because you don't want to get involved with someone that goes against things that you are passionate about. Ask open-ended questions that require deep thought and more than one-two word responses.

  1. What do you think about abortion?
  2. What're your religious beliefs?
  3. What role should a woman or man play in a relationship?
  4. (Insert questions that you need to know)
  5. (Insert questions that you are passionate about)
  6. What do you think about cheating?
  7. What do you consider cheating?
These questions should be asked in person, through video chat or on the phone. Not through text or email.

Enjoy the getting to know you stage but REMEMBER that you don't know them yet and they don't know you either, so you should take it slow.  Having sex with someone before you even know their morals or values isn't a great idea but that's another topic. Until you've seen ALL SIDES of them you don't know them and until you've shown them ALL SIDES of YOU they don't know you.

Men click here NOW to see if she's into you

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Procrastination ruins Resolutions

Procrastinators usually get things done but usually, it's at the last minute, right before the deadline. Doing things at the last minute works for some things but not all things and unfortunately, it usually doesn't work for New Years Resolutions. Why? Because when a procrastinator makes a New Year's Resolution they know that they have until the end of the year to accomplish it. Therefore, they do what procrastinators do and that is to put it off until it's close to the deadline. What usually happens is that around October or November the procrastinator realizes that they've slacked the whole year and then they try to get something done before New Year's Eve. Of course, by then it's too late because most resolutions require more than a month or two to accomplish. So the procrastinator pushes it off until the next year and the cycle repeats itself.

If you have this issue the best thing you can do is use your weakness or issue to your advantage. Your issue is that you love a challenge. You love showing off your ability to pull things off at the last minute. There have been times where you've gotten a million things done at the last minute and you even surprised yourself. Since you're so great at doing things at the last minute you've made it a part of who you are. Should you change, yes, because procrastinating causes unnecessary stress. However, that's another topic. Well, to use this issue to your advantage you need to set up deadlines for some of your goals or resolutions and these deadlines need to be placed somewhere that you frequent. A BIG wall Calendar is the best thing that you can get. Amazon has them for five bucks . Place it in your bedroom, office, bathroom or kitchen and look at it every day. It states desk calendar but you can hang them as well. The small calendars don't work because they can easily be overlooked and they don't have enough room for you to write on. Big lettering is best because it can be seen from a distance. If you meet the deadline, draw a smiley face or heart on that day. If you don't meet the deadline, draw a sad face on that day. Setting up deadlines will trigger the part of your brain that ONLY works hard to meet deadlines. Drawing a sad or smiley face on your deadline days will motivate you to get more smiley faces. After all, you like rewards, not punishments. You love a challenge, that's why you work hard at the last minute to get things done. It challenges you and you feel proud of yourself for pulling off great things at the last minute. Another way to use your need for a challenge is to sign up for challenges that hold you accountable for your actions and offer rewards. Basically, you need to understand your need for deadlines and accountability.  Having deadlines motivates you to get things done by a certain date, not having a deadline leads to you procrastinating things forever and sometimes it holds you back from accomplishing things that will make you really happy.  Get started on your deadline calendar NOW and good luck.

ps. The cool thing about wall Calendars is that you can see your progress and you can save the months that you really like, for memories sake. Also, they are big enough to use for all of your weekly reminders and appointments.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

5 Reasons Some New Year's Resolutions Fail

Some people have a whole list of things that they swear that they'll change as soon as the clock strikes 12 on New Year's Day. However, unless you've been planning to make a drastic New Year's eve change and you're MENTALLY ready to make that change it will fail. You can't go from the old you to the new you just because the clock strikes 12. Telling yourself that you can is setting yourself up for failure and disappointment. My advice is to be realistic and follow the below tips

1. Give yourself time to adjust to your new changes. Assuming that you can change overnight will lead to you feeling like you've already failed after about 3 days of the New Year. Allowing yourself time to make changes or take steps leads to less disappointment. 

2. People aren't ready to change and they're comfortable with the way that their life is now. Now, I didn't say that they were happy with their life, I said that they were comfortable. When someone is comfortable with their life they don't feel that they need to change NOW or immediately. Why should they change NOW when they're enjoying their life without even accomplishing that goal or resolution? So, they make that goal or resolution wait until they feel like taking action. This leads to years and years of having the same goal or resolution. This type of person is usually SAD once the new year rolls around because they haven't accomplished their goal. Did they enjoy the year that just passed, yes or maybe but did they accomplish a goal or resolution that they really wanted to accomplish, no.  Why? The goal or resolution requires them to leave their comfortable box and do things that are uncomfortable or unenjoyable. So, every time they get uncomfortable and things aren't fun or enjoyable they go back to their comfortable box. This cycle keeps repeating UNTIL they decide that they'll stay in the uncomfortable box until they WIN, even if it's not fun or enjoyable. You can't go through life expecting everything to be comfortable and enjoyable. Well, you can but then you'll never ACCOMPLISH things that require you to be uncomfortable, things that are boring and require hard work. Realize that the uncomfortable thing will lead to something that is more comfortable than what you have now. Why do you keep making that same New Year’s Resolution? It's because it's something that you REALLY want to accomplish. Are you willing to be uncomfortable and do things that are unenjoyable? If not, you won't reach your goal.

3.    Be realistic. If you've been threatening to cut off that one person for the last few years and you're still holding onto them that means that you're bonded to that person in some way. Until you get rid of that bond or connection that you have with them you won't cut them off. If you've been planning to cut them off for a while that means that they aren't loving you the way that you want to be loved or they aren't treating you right. In my book '25 Steps to Letting Go of Someone You Love' I tell you how to let go of someone that is wrong for you.
     Also, if the person is a friend of a friend or a co-worker or someone that you have to see from time to time you can't cut them off. Cutting off someone only works when you don’t have to interact with them anymore. Therefore, instead of saying that you're going to cut them off, you should state that you aren't going to deal with that person on a personal level anymore and that you're no longer going to give them anything that you have to offer. You can't cut off someone that is forced on you, but you can stop dealing with them on a personal or intimate level.

Jasmine wants to cut off Tiffany because she thinks that Tiffany is a fake friend. However, Tiffany is a friend of the family and is invited to almost everything that Jasmine is invited to.

Rob works with Mark and wants to cut him off. However, at work he is forced to work beside Mark.

The above two people can’t completely cut off the people they dislike because they still have to be civil and speak to that person from time to time. Therefore, they shouldn’t make that a New Years Resolution.

4. Some people tell me that they're going to start being a jerk or a b*tch because they are sick and tired of people taking advantage of them and walking all over them. However, a week or so later that person is back to giving people everything they've got. Realize that if you're a genuinely nice person that you can't change your personality, You're nice and you'll always want to help people, even people that aren't there for you or people that don't deserve your help. Instead of saying that you're going to change your personality, you should state that you're going to keep your personality but you're going to stop helping people that don't deserve your help. Users and people that are never there for you don't deserve your help. However, it's okay for you to help those that are there for you and those that are in need. Using your kindness to help those in need and those that appreciate you will make you happy and it will allow you to keep your same personality. Just learn how to say ‘no’ to people that use you and only come around to get things from you. Would they help you if you needed help? Do they break their back for you? Do they call to see how you're doing? Do they care about you? If not, don’t change who you are, just change who you associate with. Be yourself but find people that appreciate you and what you do.

5. If you've had the same New Year’s Resolution for the last few years, it's time for you to reevaluate your goal and figure out WHY you aren't making progress. What excuses are you making over and over again? WHY isn't it getting done? Don't make it a goal if you aren't going to take the necessary steps to accomplish it. Constantly making goals that you don't plan on WORKING hard for leads to you feeling disappointed in yourself, year after year. Make sure that this is the last year that you have that same resolution. No more excuses, no more quitting and no more slacking. Get up and get busy. Learn how to motivate yourself. You can't wait around for someone else to change your life you have to get up and change it yourself? What are you waiting for? A miracle, a hero, a prince charming, a princess, a fairy godmother? Realize that the person that can change your life is looking at you in your mirror! They don't have a magic wand but they DO have all the tools that they need to get the job done. They're good enough, smart enough, strong enough and talented enough to get it done.

Are you holding yourself back in life? Take this quiz to find out NOW

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Are you holding yourself back in life? How ambitious are you? Take MY QUIZ to find out now

Are you Ambitious? Take my quiz to find out NOW!

How ambitious are you? Are you living life to the fullest or are you holding yourself back?

  1. How many days per week do you procrastinate something by saying that you'll do it later?

  2. Every day of the week
    0-2 days out of the week
    3-6 days out of the week

  3. In 2016, how many times did you quit something because it was taking too long to accomplish?

  4. A few times
    More times than I can count.
    Not at all

  5. When you think you can't do something or you think that you'll fail you

  6. Sometimes you try to do it anyway and sometimes you don't
    Try it anyway to see what happens
    Are afraid to try it because you don't want to fail or lose

  7. Are you afraid to try something because you're afraid of what people will think or say about you?

  8. Yes
    Sometimes I care and Sometimes I don't
    No, I always do what I want even if people will laugh at me or judge me

  9. When you're chasing your goals and problems come up

  10. Sometimes you keep chasing your goal and sometimes you use your problem as an excuse to quit
    You solve the problem and continue chasing your goal
    You use the problem as an excuse to quit

  11. After you fail something

  12. Sometimes you try it again and sometimes you just give up on it
    You figure out what went wrong and try again
    You think you're not good enough or smart enough to be successful and give up on that goal

  13. How many life changing goals are you chasing right now

  14. 0

  15. How many excuses do you usually make per day? I'm too tired. I don't have time. I can't do it etch

  16. 0-2

  17. Do you give up on things that are too hard

  18. All the time

  19. Are you proud of what you've done so far in life

  20. Yes, but I'm still trying to improve more things in my life
    No, but I'm currently working on things that will change my life
    No, but I wish that I could do something to change my life

13+ You're ambitious. Keep it up and keep on pushing yourself to do more. Stay focused and remember that there's always room for improvement or growth. There's always something that you can do to improve yourself or your life
9-12 You're somewhat ambitious. But you need to be more focused and more determined. You've set limits for yourself and those limits are holding you back in some areas of your life. Push yourself past your own limits or better yet remove those limits altogether. You're smart enough and strong enough to go further than you think you can.
5-8 You're holding yourself back in life. If you're unhappy with your life it's because you aren't doing everything you can to better your life. You're justing doing the minimum. Start doing the maximum and your life will improve. Step outside of the box and don't be afraid to try new things. Less talk and more action.
0-4 You're definitely holding yourself back in life and you lack ambition and motivation. Your life won't improve until you believe in yourself and fight for yourself. Less talk and more actions. Stop talking about it and get up and do something about it. Actions speak louder than words. Stop giving up on yourself. Let yourself be GREAT

Saturday, January 7, 2017

March Birthdays on Twitter


On your birthday you will get a GROUP shoutout from me to Wish you a Happy Birthday. Solo shout outs will only be given if you're the only one with that birthday. @SlimPhatty with your birthdate to add your name to the calendar. Must be following me.
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February birthdays on Twitter


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January Birthdays on Twitter


On your birthday you will get a GROUP shoutout from me to Wish you a Happy Birthday. Solo shoutouts will only be given if you're the only one with that birthday. @SlimPhatty with your birthdate to add your name to the calendar. Must be following me.
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