Here is a list of things that might help you in your time of need, emergency, stress and or depression.
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ALERT! The Salvation Army isn't just for homeless individuals. They offer emergency assistance for working families and those with low income. Call them!


The Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program!
UPDATE!  click here if you need help with housing expenses. New funding was approved in some areas that pays 3 months of your rent and your electric bill! Click here and contact your local Community action agency for more details.
 For full details click here

1. File for unemployment and if you have already ran out of benefits, keep calling your states Governors office about getting more unemployment. Speak up and let them know that people are starving and abut to be homeless. Currently, there is an "America Wants to Work Act", that the unemployed of America are trying to get passed. So, call /email your Governors office and make sure they sign this for your state. You worked and paid into unemployment, so it's your money! If passed, this new legislation would give 99ers, 20 additional weeks of unemployment benefits. Also, join an unemployed forum in your state to keep track of this act and meet others in your situation.

2. Call 211 from cell phone and they will help you or tell you who is able to help you with the following: Currently, they have programs that offer emergency food, shelter expenses,clothing and utility assistance. Swallow your pride and ask for help! People who are working can get help sometimes too.

3. If you are on government assistance or have low income, you are eligible for reduced home phone service with your local company and a free cell phone with 250 minutes per month,from Safelinkwireless or Assurancewireless.  Ask your phone company about link-up if you need help with installation cost, link-up pays half of the installation fees. If you already have phone service you can get reduced phone service with your local phone company, give them a call.

4. If you are really down and out. Apply for government assistance by going to your States website. They offer food, cash and medical assistance to low income families.

5. If you are disabled, a veteran or have low income, apply for subsidized housing/section 8. Look in your phone directory for the number to your local housing authority. This program offers housing and reduced rent. Veterans get extra benefits with this program!  Click here to search for homes/housing in your area.

6. Call your local churches and ask if they offer assistance.

7. Call your Electric or other utility company and ask them for an extension. Also, ask them for the names of programs in your area that offer help.  Most utility companies work with local charities like Operation Roundlup and Dollar energy!  The following states  ( PA, OH,MD,VA,OH,TN) can click here for assistance. Some states have the Weatherization program which fixes/repairs appliances, home insulaton and other things that deal with heating. Ask your utility company if they have the weatherization program or click here to see if you're eligible for this program. Also, schedule an audit with your utility companies! Audits can pinpoint the reasons why bills are higher than they should be and what you can do to lower them. If you live in a state that snows you may be elgible for heating oil assistance, call 1-877-563-4645.

8. Try Billfloat! BILL FLOAT is backed by paypal. Billfloat pays your bill and gives you thirty days to pay it back. You must have a valid bank account but there fees are reasonable.

9. Ask your child's school counselor if they work with any local charities. Some charities give schools vouchers or other items to hand out to children who might need them. Items such as, school uniforms and supplies. If it's close to Christmas the school may be working with a local charity such as the "Angels", to provide gifts and uniforms to students.

10. For help with medicine click here . Fill out the questionnaire and see what medicines you can get for free. Take your Antibiotic prescription to Publix to get it filled for free!
  • Merck has a simple application process and helps with specific medications. call 1-800-727-5400
  • Johnson and Johson helps those with limited income with certain medications call them at 1-800-652-6227
  • Abbot offers help with certain medications, for more information call 1-(800) 222-6885
  • Eli Lilly helps those with NO insurance at all with certain medications. You don't have to have low income for this program 1–800–545–6962.
Also, you and your immediate family members can receive free Pfizer medicines if you:
  • Became unemployed on or after January 1, 2009
  • Were prescribed and taking a Pfizer medicine for at least 3 months prior to becoming unemployed and enrolling in the program
  • Have no prescription coverage
  • Can attest that you are experiencing a financial hardship
  • Live in the United States
Call Pfizer at 1-866-706-2400 for an application to be mailed to you. Takes 2-3 weeks to be approved.

11. Habitat for Humanity has a volunteer program that will build you a house, once you have done a certain amount of hours building a house for someone else. The number of hours you have to do is called your "sweat equity". It might take a while to build up the hours but it's worth it in the end. Helping others while helping yourself. call 800-422-4828.

12. The USDA and RHA program helps low income families with Home loans (with reduced rent/down payment assistance). This is a good program but your credit can't be really bad. Click here for the USDA website. Look up your local RHA in your phone directory.
Other loan providers are FannieMaeFreddieMac, FHA, VA,

13. LIHEAP helps with light bills contact them at 1 866 674 6327. This number will ONLY give you the number to your local office. They also help with rent and water bill sometimes. If American Water supplies your water, call customer service and ask apout LIPP,H20 and other programs they offer to pay bills.

14. Click .HERE to get a complete list of government programs you may be eligible for.

15. Go to to apply for a pell grant if you're interested in going back to school. Pell grants are for people with low income, and it doesn't have to be paid back. If you owe student loans and can't pay them right now, contact your lender and request a forbearance or a deferment. A deferment will stop you from defaulting and it's based on income.

16. Over 55? click here This program can help you get a minimum wage job. Not much, but it's better than nothing.

17. Age 16-24 can get free housing and education at Job corp. Click here to learn more about this program and other programs for youth.

18. Ages 3-4 who need free pre k, click here

19. Affordable health insurance for kids. click here

20. Free legal help for foreclosures, evictions, family law and more. click here

21. Call 1-800-242-7489  This program gives away refurbished cars. Sometimes they help with insurance down payments and car tags! click here to sign up! Another similar program is called Opportunity cars, click here to view their website. Ways to Work offers loans to people with poor credit. The amount is usually less than 6000 and you can use it for Auto insurance, buying a used car, car repair etc. Call them at 1-866- 252-7171. Gas program, click here

22. For affordable hair care,computer repair, car repair, eye glasses/eye glass repair services and more. Call your local Technical school and let the students do it and save money. Don't worry, students are monitored by teachers lol.

23. Check back every week for any new programs/updates.

24. Anonymous said "Please tell your followers to go to yahoo and create an e-mail account, then go to and join the group. They will be able to post things they don't need anymore, as well as, be able to get things like clothes, scrap metal, washer and dryers... just about anything"

25. WIC can assist women, infants and children with certain food items. Such as infant formula, milk, cereal, eggs and more. Women can get assistance from beginning of pregnancy till 6 weeks after giving birth. Kids can get assistance up to age 5. Click here to learn more about the WIC program.

26. St.Vincent is a National church based charity organization. Contact them for anything you need help with, if they have the funding they will assist you. St Vincent has a pharmacy program. Click here to go to there website.

27.Losing your home can be devastating. Recently a new program was put in place to assist families with keeping their homes. See if you qualify for MHA (Making Home Affordable). MHA can lower your rates, lower your payments, offer relocation assistance, help the unemployed, help with a second mortgage and assist with home value. Click here to check eligibility.

28. Dress For Success offers women free clothing to prepare for a new job/interview. 212.532.1922

29. Contact your local CAA for information on getting a grant for home repair emergencies.

30. Leave a comment below if you would like to help others by providing additional helpful advice.:) Click here and like us on Faceboook

32. Apply for SSI or SSDI if you can't work due to a disability.

33. American Dial tone offers free activation in some states for a home phone, with reduced monthly plans as low as 16 bucks per month.

34. Need help getting back on the right track click here

35. Remember a time when you were happy and everything was okay. You will get through this and you will smile like that again. Keep your head up and remember that Jesus/your family loves you. Good Luck! xoxo Slim Phatty!


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