Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Letting Go Of Mr. Wrong: A woman's guide to realizing her self-worth

When you know your worth letting go of Mr. Wrong is easy. However, until a woman knows her worth she will put up with Mr. Wrong. Mr. Wrong usually has a lot of the qualities a woman is looking for in a man such as confidence, charm, good sex and a masculine personality. One thing about Mr. Wrong is that he never gives a woman 100% of himself, and this leaves a woman wanting more. If Mr. Wrong is giving a woman 60% she will spend months or years trying to get the other 40% from him. A woman should realize that a man that isn’t giving her 100% doesn’t plan on keeping her around or fully committing to her or the relationship. Realize that if a man isn’t giving himself to you it’s because he doesn’t want to, and you can’t make a man do something that he doesn’t want to do. In fact, the more pressure and demands you place on him the more he’ll rebel against you. Mr. Wrong doesn’t give you his all because he doesn’t want to or because you’re not what he wants. Most women are nurturers, and they think that taking care of a man emotionally, sexually, financially, and always being there for him will eventually make him act right or fall in love with them. However, Mr. Wrong never acts right for long. If he does change it will be temporary, and he’ll soon revert back to his same old tricks. Usually, Mr. Wrong acts right just to get back on a woman’s good side, but as soon as his foot is back in the door, and he’s out of the dog house he acts up again. Once a woman realizes her worth she leaves Mr. Wrong because she knows she deserves more than what he’s offering her. She refuses to settle for scraps and bones because she wants the full course meal. Her love of herself and her life is more important than holding onto a man that isn’t treating her right. This guide will go over the different types of Mr. Wrongs, and how to let go of them. In order to let go, you must realize your self-worth, and this guide will help you with that as well.
This is an all in one guide for women

1.      Help you realize your Self-worth
2.      How to let go of Mr. Wrong
3.      Types of Mr. Wrongs
4.      How to Avoid Getting Played
5.      Best Player Signs List
6.      Raise your Self-Esteem
7.      Raise your Self-Confidence
8.      Motivate you to better your life
9.      Facts about men

10.  Prepare you for Modern Day Dating


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