Friday, March 24, 2017

I traveled to see this woman, is she into me or not


Hi, I have a question a girl is using me or possibly talking to other guys in a LDR. This is someone whom I have known for a long time off and on-or at least I thought I knew her? I went to go and visit her and her family a while back; I really love her children and mother, but I was picking up or noticing things that did not seem quite right or the same? (RF-1) When I was making plans to come see her and then probably could not- she is a ocean away from me, she got a really big attitude over the phone and said, " If you are coming, then come. If not, just let me know. I have plans". I felt really bad and yes I wanted to see her so I made her a priority. (RF-2) When I went to see her she never wanted to hold hands with me or let me kiss her on the cheek- public or private. She said it was due to her children being around and that it was her customs. She was not like that before along time ago. She used to be very affectionate. (RF-3) She was always on her phone texting, reading and receiving messages and was giggling a few times when I was with her instead of talking to me. She tried to explain who it was a friend, but i did not really care about it. (RF-4) At one point when I went to see her in her country, I remember that it was night time and I was talking on the phone to her, she was home and said that she was very tired and said that I should go out somewhere and enjoy myself and have a good time, myself. (RF-5) When I seen her sister, there was this look that her sister gave me- only was a few seconds, but it was enough. Her sister would usually smile at me and say hi, but this time her eyes and facial expression was that of sadness, pity or that she kind of knew something that I did not. Can't really put my finger on it? (RF-6) When I was in the car with her and her child, the phone rang and her child said that it is dad mom. She immediately looked at me and told me not to say anything when they were talking on the phone. I thought she was divorced or should that matter? (RF-7) After I returned home what I really noticed was that, before I went to see her, we were constantly talking, video chatting, or sending texts back and fourth. Quality messages. What I started to see happen was that the time that it took for her to reply my texts messages went from hours, days, weeks. And that is if she ever reply's back at all. She told me that she had to move her and the kids to another city and now the frequency of her texts are around two to three months I think- could be longer. I figured well I will give her, her space and quit calling-she will not pick up anyway, even texting or emailing to her. But when I do that she contacts me after two months and ask what is going on? Why am i not texting her, emailing her, or using social media? she starts again with her pet names, like, baby or sweetie and she always says I love you to me. she then demands that I text or message her and when I do, no reply back? She does not text or talk to me on social media, but she is constantly online, either FB or on her phone. like every hour. Also she has her privacy settings set on all her social media so it is very hard to track or see what she is doing. But I know something is going on.


She's not into you. Most of the 'she's not into you' signs are in your post. She ignores your text for months or doesn't reply at all, she doesn't want you to kiss/touch her in a romantic way, she told you to be quiet while she talked to another man, she doesn't want to spend time with you in person. and most of all your instincts are telling you that things aren't right. When someone is into you, they don't go months without talking to you. Listen to your instincts and stop ignoring the red flags. Find someone that smiles when they get a text from you and replies back to ALL of your text. Find someone that will be happy to spend time with you and show you love and affection. Find someone that doesn't play games by telling you to be quiet while they're on the phone with someone else. You shouldn't have to hide your presence or be someone's secret. You shouldn't travel to see someone that doesn't want to spend time with you while you're there. I hope you realize this and move on to someone that will appreciate you and I hope you're not giving this woman anything else. She blows hot and cold and she keeps you around to stroke her ego or to get other things from you (use you for something). Good Luck.

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