Thursday, January 26, 2017

Procrastination ruins Resolutions

Procrastinators usually get things done but usually, it's at the last minute, right before the deadline. Doing things at the last minute works for some things but not all things and unfortunately, it usually doesn't work for New Years Resolutions. Why? Because when a procrastinator makes a New Year's Resolution they know that they have until the end of the year to accomplish it. Therefore, they do what procrastinators do and that is to put it off until it's close to the deadline. What usually happens is that around October or November the procrastinator realizes that they've slacked the whole year and then they try to get something done before New Year's Eve. Of course, by then it's too late because most resolutions require more than a month or two to accomplish. So the procrastinator pushes it off until the next year and the cycle repeats itself.

If you have this issue the best thing you can do is use your weakness or issue to your advantage. Your issue is that you love a challenge. You love showing off your ability to pull things off at the last minute. There have been times where you've gotten a million things done at the last minute and you even surprised yourself. Since you're so great at doing things at the last minute you've made it a part of who you are. Should you change, yes, because procrastinating causes unnecessary stress. However, that's another topic. Well, to use this issue to your advantage you need to set up deadlines for some of your goals or resolutions and these deadlines need to be placed somewhere that you frequent. A BIG wall Calendar is the best thing that you can get. Amazon has them for five bucks . Place it in your bedroom, office, bathroom or kitchen and look at it every day. It states desk calendar but you can hang them as well. The small calendars don't work because they can easily be overlooked and they don't have enough room for you to write on. Big lettering is best because it can be seen from a distance. If you meet the deadline, draw a smiley face or heart on that day. If you don't meet the deadline, draw a sad face on that day. Setting up deadlines will trigger the part of your brain that ONLY works hard to meet deadlines. Drawing a sad or smiley face on your deadline days will motivate you to get more smiley faces. After all, you like rewards, not punishments. You love a challenge, that's why you work hard at the last minute to get things done. It challenges you and you feel proud of yourself for pulling off great things at the last minute. Another way to use your need for a challenge is to sign up for challenges that hold you accountable for your actions and offer rewards. Basically, you need to understand your need for deadlines and accountability.  Having deadlines motivates you to get things done by a certain date, not having a deadline leads to you procrastinating things forever and sometimes it holds you back from accomplishing things that will make you really happy.  Get started on your deadline calendar NOW and good luck.

ps. The cool thing about wall Calendars is that you can see your progress and you can save the months that you really like, for memories sake. Also, they are big enough to use for all of your weekly reminders and appointments.


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