Thursday, January 5, 2017

Is SHE into you or not? Take MY quiz to find out now

Be completely and totally honest, go with the first answer that pops into your head. 

Is she into you or not? Take this quiz and find out NOW

Find out how she feels about you. Quiz by Sonya Parker

  1. When you asks her questions she

  2. Answers your questions but doesn't ask you anything back
    She answers and asks you questions back
    She ignores you

  3. When you ask her to hang out with you

  4. She says yes most of the time
    She says yes sometimes
    She always gives you an excuse

  5. She calls or texts you FIRST just to see how you're doing or what you're up to

  6. Yes
    She never calls or text me first
    Yes, but she usually wants something too

  7. What types of hugs does she give you

  8. Bear hugs. Two arm hugs or up close and personal, she lingers
    One arm quick hugs or pat on the back hugs
    Quick lean in hug where her lower body is bent far away from your lower body

  9. Do you have to beg for her attention

  10. Yes, I keep asking her to hangout but she gives me an excuse
    Yes, because she doesn't give me attention unless I chase her
    No, she usually says yes to my request

  11. Has she ever told you that she just wants to be friends or some other rejection line

  12. Yes
    Once or twice but it was a long time ago

  13. Can you call her when you have a problem or need to talk about something that's bothering you

  14. Yes
    I never have because I feel that she doesn't care about me

  15. Is she there for you like you're there for her

  16. Yes

  17. What does she usually call or text you about

  18. Her problems or for money
    Just to talk and see what I'm up to
    To talk and to hangout

  19. How often does she ignore your calls or text

  20. Just when she's busy but she always calls or texts me back when she's free
    10% of the time
    50% of the time

Click 'Grade Me' to see your score.
If you scored 11 points or more she's into you
Scored 6-10? She only sees you as a friend
Scored 0-5? She isn't into you, drop her if she's using you..
If you scored less than 11 they're not into you and they're wrong for you.

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