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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Is HE into you or not? Take MY QUIZ to find out NOW.

This Quiz is for those that are dating not those in a relationship

Be completely and totally honest, go with the first answer that pops into your head. 

Is HE into you or not? Take this quiz and find out NOW

Find out how he feels about you. Quiz by Sonya Parker

  1. When you asks him questions he

  2. Answers your questions but doesn't ask you anything back
    He answers and asks you questions back
    He ignores you

  3. How does he make you feel

  4. Not good enough. You feel like you have to prove that you're worthy of his love.
    Used and not good enough

  5. He calls or texts you FIRST just to see how you're doing or what you're up to

  6. Yes
    He never calls or text me first
    Yes, but he usually wants something or he wants to hookup. Other than that I call/text first.

  7. How does he act on Valentine's day or your birthday

  8. He avoids you
    He sends you a Happy VDAY text or BDAY text
    He does something special for you

  9. After you have sex with him

  10. He leaves or makes you leave
    He cuddles or stays the night
    We haven't had sex yet

  11. Has he ever told you that he just wants to be friends or some other rejection line

  12. Yes
    Once or twice but it was a long time ago

  13. Have you met anyone in his close family, like his parents or siblings, friends don't count

  14. Yes
    He said that he doesn't want anyone in our business

  15. Is he there for you like you're there for him

  16. Yes

  17. What do you usually do with him, activity wise. Be honest!

  18. We hang out at my place or his, nothing that couples do
    We just talk and chat, via text or online
    We go out to eat, to the movies, to activities and to public places and my place or his

  19. Does he act differently in public than he does in private

  20. In public he acts like we're just friends but in private he acts like it's more
    In public he acts like we're more than friends and in private he acts like we're more than friends
    We don't hang out in public together

Click 'Grade Me' to see your score.
If you scored 11 points or more he's into you
Scored 6-10? They only see you as a friend
Scored 0-5? They aren't into you, drop them if they're using you.
If you scored less than 11 they're not into you and they're wrong for you.

Ladies read 'Letting Go Of Mr. Wrong'
Fellas read ' How Men Can Avoid Getting Played'


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  3. This is really a funny quiz with interesting guidelines. I always love to participate in Fun quizzes that are exciting and entertaining like this one.