Thursday, January 26, 2017

Asking These Getting To Know You Questions Can Tell You A Lot About them

When you first meet someone you like them because you only know the good things about them. They haven't shown you their bad side yet because they are trying to make a good impression. They haven't argued with you yet and they haven't been upset with you yet. Have you seen their bad side? Have you seen them when they are angry? How do they handle their anger? How do they handle their problems?  You don't know anything bad about them yet, that's why you like them. You like the person that you IMAGINE that they are. Also, it goes both ways, they don't know you yet. Therefore, their interest in you is ONLY based on what you've shown them so far and what they've IMAGINED about you.

Until you've seen all sides of them, the good and the bad, you don't know them.

Until they've seen all sides of YOU, the good and the bad, they don't know you yet.

That's why you shouldn't rush relationships!

If I only knew good things about everyone, I would like everyone too.

Think about your ex.  You liked them until you saw their bad side.

How to see their bad side?

Talk to them about important things in life and have debates with them, not arguments but debates. Ask them questions to check their morals and beliefs. Ask them questions about their political beliefs or other controversial issues. Questions like "What do you do for fun?" are okay but it doesn't tell you anything deep about that person. That question only tells you something GOOD about them. You need to dig deeper, below the surface and find out who they really are and what they believe in to see if you're compatible with them. It's important to talk about issues that you are passionate about because you don't want to get involved with someone that goes against things that you are passionate about. Ask open-ended questions that require deep thought and more than one-two word responses.

  1. What do you think about abortion?
  2. What're your religious beliefs?
  3. What role should a woman or man play in a relationship?
  4. (Insert questions that you need to know)
  5. (Insert questions that you are passionate about)
  6. What do you think about cheating?
  7. What do you consider cheating?
These questions should be asked in person, through video chat or on the phone. Not through text or email.

Enjoy the getting to know you stage but REMEMBER that you don't know them yet and they don't know you either, so you should take it slow.  Having sex with someone before you even know their morals or values isn't a great idea but that's another topic. Until you've seen ALL SIDES of them you don't know them and until you've shown them ALL SIDES of YOU they don't know you.

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