Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Are you holding yourself back in life? How ambitious are you? Take MY QUIZ to find out now

Are you Ambitious? Take my quiz to find out NOW!

How ambitious are you? Are you living life to the fullest or are you holding yourself back?

  1. How many days per week do you procrastinate something by saying that you'll do it later?

  2. Every day of the week
    0-2 days out of the week
    3-6 days out of the week

  3. In 2016, how many times did you quit something because it was taking too long to accomplish?

  4. A few times
    More times than I can count.
    Not at all

  5. When you think you can't do something or you think that you'll fail you

  6. Sometimes you try to do it anyway and sometimes you don't
    Try it anyway to see what happens
    Are afraid to try it because you don't want to fail or lose

  7. Are you afraid to try something because you're afraid of what people will think or say about you?

  8. Yes
    Sometimes I care and Sometimes I don't
    No, I always do what I want even if people will laugh at me or judge me

  9. When you're chasing your goals and problems come up

  10. Sometimes you keep chasing your goal and sometimes you use your problem as an excuse to quit
    You solve the problem and continue chasing your goal
    You use the problem as an excuse to quit

  11. After you fail something

  12. Sometimes you try it again and sometimes you just give up on it
    You figure out what went wrong and try again
    You think you're not good enough or smart enough to be successful and give up on that goal

  13. How many life changing goals are you chasing right now

  14. 0

  15. How many excuses do you usually make per day? I'm too tired. I don't have time. I can't do it etch

  16. 0-2

  17. Do you give up on things that are too hard

  18. All the time

  19. Are you proud of what you've done so far in life

  20. Yes, but I'm still trying to improve more things in my life
    No, but I'm currently working on things that will change my life
    No, but I wish that I could do something to change my life

13+ You're ambitious. Keep it up and keep on pushing yourself to do more. Stay focused and remember that there's always room for improvement or growth. There's always something that you can do to improve yourself or your life
9-12 You're somewhat ambitious. But you need to be more focused and more determined. You've set limits for yourself and those limits are holding you back in some areas of your life. Push yourself past your own limits or better yet remove those limits altogether. You're smart enough and strong enough to go further than you think you can.
5-8 You're holding yourself back in life. If you're unhappy with your life it's because you aren't doing everything you can to better your life. You're justing doing the minimum. Start doing the maximum and your life will improve. Step outside of the box and don't be afraid to try new things. Less talk and more action.
0-4 You're definitely holding yourself back in life and you lack ambition and motivation. Your life won't improve until you believe in yourself and fight for yourself. Less talk and more actions. Stop talking about it and get up and do something about it. Actions speak louder than words. Stop giving up on yourself. Let yourself be GREAT


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