Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Are you settling for less Quiz for men

What type of relationship are you looking for:

  1. A money call. Where a girl only calls you for financial help
  2. A problem solver. Where a girl only calls you when she has a problem, not just to check on you
  3. A doormat relationship. Where a girl disrespects you, and walks all over you. Treats you like you're nothing. 
  4. An abusive relationship. Where a girl beats you or verbally abuses you. Puts you down
  5. An unfaithful one. A relationship where the girl cheats on you over and over again
  6. An ignoring one. Where a girl constantly ignores you, writes one word replies and keeps rejecting you. Makes you feel like you're not good enough.
  7. A one sided relationship where you're there for her but she's never there for you.
  8. A loving committed relationship where a girl accepts you for who you are, enjoys talking to you, wants to be with you, and is always there for you. She supports you and treats you like a King.
What number did you choose?

How many times have you accepted numbers 1-7?

What number do you really want?

I hope you really want number 8. If so, don't settle for numbers 1-7. Know your worth and wait for the girl that treats you like number 8.

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'How Men Can Avoid Getting Played' by Slim Phatty.


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